Steak Sandwich
tender rib eye fillet with semi-dried tomatoes, caramelised onions and Maccoa’s tomato relish on ciabatta
Fresh Steamed Green Lip Mussels GF available
Choice of White Wine Broth or Provencale (tomato, herb, garlic and olive oil) served with shoestring fries and freshly baked bread
Green Goddess V/GF available
baby spinach, pea sprouts, shredded kale, toasted almonds and diced avocado, drizzled with a spicy creamy green goddess dressing Add chicken 3, add prawns 5
Maccoa Chicken Burger
Maccoa spiced fried chicken, house pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and chilli aioli served with shoestring fries. Add bacon 3, add avocado 3, add cheese 2.
Lightly Fried Local Whiting Fillets and Shoestring Fries
with aioli, tartare
Sweet Potato Fries
with aioli
Local Cheese and Fruit Plate (Serves 2)
selection of 1 hard cheese, 1 soft cheese and 1 blue cheese (60g each), dried and fresh fruits and quince paste