Healthy Start Bowl
Smoked salmon, avocado, quinoa, poached eggs, baby spinach, diced tomato
Sweet Potato and Corn Fritters V
With poached egg, baby spinach and tomato relish
Buttermilk Bacon Pancakes
Two fluffy buttermilk pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and topped with banana
Eggs Benedict
Choice of bacon, smoked salmon or spinach and mushrooms. Served with soft poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce
Homemade Granola V
Served with mixed berry compote, honey and choice of milk
Maccoa Brekky Roll
Two pieces of crispy bacon, Two fried eggs, tomato chutney, baby spinach, avocado
Homemade Banana or Pear & Raspberry Bread V/GF
Toasted and served with cinnamon butter and berries
Maccoa Big Brekky
Two pieces bacon, two eggs, spinach, mushrooms, hash brown and avocado on toasted sour dough
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms V
Served on toasted sour dough with two poached eggs, pesto and finished with truffle oil
Three Egg Omelette
Choice of two items: Smoked salmon, bacon, tomato, mushroom, shallot, spinach or cheese
The Right Start Mixed Plate
Homemade granola with berry compote, toasted sour dough, smashed avocado and a poached egg
Eggs Your Way
Two eggs served with toasted sour dough
Maccoa Veggie Breakfast
Two eggs your way, spinach, beetroot hummus, sliced avocado, sweet potato fritter and mushrooms on toasted sour dough
Nutella Pancakes
Two fluffy buttermilk pancakes with Nutella, strawberries, vanilla cream and maple syrup
Smashed Avocado
Toasted sour dough with beetroot hummus, avocado, cherry tomatoes, feta and Dukkah, two eggs served with toasted sour dough
Maccoa Baked Eggs
With spinach and mushrooms on toasted sour dough and finished with crumbled fetta
Smoothie and Acai Bowls
Topped with homemade granola, mixed seeds, berries and banana. Served with your choice of yoghurt or milk.
Bacon and Egg Roll
Milk Bun with choice of sauce